Pickups Limited San Diego

Becoming a Member

     If you would like to become a member of Pick-Ups Limited - San Diego Chapter, please mail your name and phone number to: 

 Pick-Ups Limited of Southern California
     San Diego Chapter
     P.O. Box 710846
     Santee, CA 92072

or just attend a meeting at Jimmy's Restaurant at 9635 Mission Gorge road,  Santee at 7:30 P.M. on the 2nd Monday of each month.

     To qualify for membership you must own or be actively involved in building a 1946 to 1966 Ford F-1 or F-100 half-ton pickup or panel truck, be 18 years of age, have a valid California drivers license, and proof of insurance prescribed by California State Law. A routine safety inspection conducted by the club's Safety Manager is also required. You must also have attended two club meetings and one club outing before submitting your Pickups Limited club membership application.

 Upon completion of the above requirements, a vote will be taken by the membership for your acceptance. 

Membership fee shall include the cost of one club plaque ,$55, and membership dues prorated for the remainder of the year. Membership fees are $48 per year or $4 per month. This fee is due within thirty (30) days from acceptance of membership.

Any other questions may be sent using the "Contact" Navigation Button on the right side of this page.